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Pour nos visiteurs français c'est par ici :
INFO: Following a fire on their Strasbourg site, our email host is no longer available for the moment. We therefore do not receive our emails. Thank you for your understanding.
The different 3D Origami i made.
You can ask what you want, just let me the time for study model and to do it.
I have already made many things for several friends and others.
Take a look for details at page Origami

Those are knitted jewelry, with hooked needle, that i made.
All models are possible, depends what you have in mind and also my mind state .
Take a look for details at page Jewels
My Hubby's stuff
Androïd free widgets...
(see below why it's not more available on Google Playstore)
Androïd :
Following the insane and repeteave requests of Google about personnal informations, I stopped maintaining anything on the play store, the account is eradicated ! APK are always availables
on APKPure, without warranty as they're not maintained now.
Clik on logo.
If you're interested, or have heard about my widgets, you can
also contact us: Email
That will coming soon :
Tutorials, source code, examples of applications, projects for Androïd, Java, ESP8266 Arduino and so on...
For now take the time to visit the Website of tools who're used to do it :