LIZA's Stuff...

Pour nos visiteurs français c'est par ici :
The different 3D Origami i made.
You can ask what you want, just let me the time for study model and to do it.
I have already made many things for several friends and others.
Take a look for details at page Origami

Those are knitted jewelry, with hooked needle, that i made.
All models are possible, depends what you have in mind and also my mind state .
Take a look for details at page Jewels
My Hubby's stuff
Androïd free widgets... (see below "Androïd" why it's not more available)
Androïd :
Following the insane and repeteave requests of Google about personnal informations, I stopped maintaining anything on the play store, the account is eradicated !
If you're interested, or have heard about my widgets, you can contact us: Email
That will coming soon :
Tutorials, source code, examples of applications, projects for Androïd, Java, Arduino and so on.
For now take the time to visit the Website of tools who're used to do it :