3D Origami

What's a 3D Origami ?

It's a subject created only with paper, at begin it's needed to fold smal pieces of paper always at the same size. after the assembly of the pieces will depend of a model or an inspiration.

Many models can be found on Internet, but these models have always a great attention for the best result, see below...

NEW !!!


These models do not allow you to put something inside. But it's pleasant decorations with surprising styles that will astonish your visitors.
    For the kids, or not

Other models where you can put something




This model is ideal for dried flowers.

Or, why not, a paper flowers bouquet, like this...
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This model is the ideal receptacle for the dragees of a wedding or a christening.

You can use it to present small dried flowers, or it will serve also as a pocket void in your entrance.
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A special command i did at end of 2016
 regular models




The basket can be an happy complement for baptisms or marriages to accompany the swan and to contain dragees also.
It will welcome your jewelry that you use regularly. It may be used to keep your keys, or whatever you want to keep handy.

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All models are handmade and completely decorated. All sizes are available on request, the larger currently produced is 34cm x 47cm for a swan.

The sizes (measured on the basis who remain aproximatives) Swan, 5.7cm, 7cm, 9.5 cm, 11.5 cm x 15cm. Basket, 5cm, 7cm x 9cm, 11cm, 13cm.

The prices are reasonable, although shipping may penalize the cost. For example with the swan with dimensions 34cmX47cm already weigths 1.4 kg.

Weights and measures: 5.5 cm basis give a swan with dimensions 7cmX11cm for approx. 35g. 7cm basis give a swan with dimensions 8.5 cmX14cm for around 45g.

Information requests, please write us: Lizaprod